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With its bold and innovative initiatives, Mudo has contributed to the development of fashion sense among young people in Turkey. By launching the first prominent T-shirt sales in Turkey in 1967, it began to pioneer transformative changes in the industry even back then. In 1987, it created the Mudo Collection brand, aimed at men and women over the age of 25 who are modern, relaxed, value quality, and care about their appearance. In 2005, by establishing the Mudo FTS64 brand, which targets young people aged 18-24, it took a significant step towards becoming the uniform of the youth. In the same year, Mudo Accessoires, a brand complementing all ready-to-wear brands, was also established. Additionally, in 1993, Mudo opened a small accessory and gift shop named Mudo Pera in Beyoğlu. This initiative, which grew with the appreciation and support of its customers, evolved into a new brand, Mudo Concept, adopting the principle of offering “everything for home and living” by following global design trends and continuously increasing product 


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