Vatra Import & Export

The new Dolce&Gabbana Casa collection is eclectic, surprising, and refined collection features overlapping narratives, is brimming with cultural references and artistry, and boasts excellent manufacturing as it is made in Italy. 

The technological innovation, decorative spirit, and design experience of Dolce&Gabbana all come together in a collection that represents a unique element in the world of furnishings and defines a new era in living style. A style where boundaries tend to blur, where the objects and atmospheres of homes tell us about the people living there.   

The new collection includes upholstered items and side tables, carpets and lamps, cabinets and bar cabinets, dining tables and chairs. The house takes on an imaginative, dreamlike quality, and each piece represents the fine boundary between refined design, craftsmanship, and art.   

Dolce&Gabbana Casa creates a unique lifestlye. You only need to behold one of the furnishings or caress a fabric to immediately perceive its foundational values: impeccable craftsmanship, love for the “fatto a mano” (handmade), respect for tradition, and the quest for innovation.